Monday, June 4, 2007

Say What?

The head of the FCC was pretty upset about an appeals court ruling that criticized FCC for its handing of some recent indecency complaints. The court ruled that the FCC had been arbitrary in its handling of what were more or less accidental droppings of several common expletives.

So FCC Chairman Kevin Martin dropped a few of his own in his statement in response. The Wall Street Journal's Washington Wire has several quotes in a post called FCC Warning: Explicit Anger.

Don't worry, the Journal has obscured the "**k" and "**t" in Mr. Martin's many uses of “f—” and “s—”.

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Shirley Vandever said...

The judge's ruling in and of itself is somewhat humorous. He called it "fleeting profanity".

As opposed to what, permanent and stable profanity? Lewdness with Longevity?

How does one define "fleeting"? More than 5 seconds? Ten?

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