Thursday, March 1, 2007

What the...!

botoxThis white flag flapping along Route 9 in Georgetown caught my eye this afternoon. It is one of two flying in proud advertisement outside a cosmetic medical clinic.

In bright red letters on a stark white field:
This is the sort of advertising approach I associate with a Used-Car lot. Not a medical office.

I can't help screening this mental motion-picture:
IRIS-IN. Interior. Medical Office.

A nervous-looking WOMAN sits on the very edge of an examination table.


A MAN enters, wearing a plaid, frayed, Doctor's Coat and with a slicked-back toupee.

MAN: Say little lady. Whats it gonna take to get a syringe-full of botulinum toxins injected into those sweet cheeks of yours today?

WOMAN: Ummm....


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Anonymous said...

it definitely is a low budget approach, but my guess is it will be effective. I am betting that few people new it existed in the area. Now that they do, they know who to go to....

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