Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Conceptual Inflation

I realize that I am just a cranky literalist, but there are a few instances of "conceptual inflation" that have been bugging me lately.

Riding to work this morning I heard a character in a radio commercial say that she "would be more than happy" to do something. How can you be "more than happy?"

I also keep hearing that people are "110 percent" in support of things, or "120 percent behind" something. That's just not possible.

The problem is, I think, that we have debased our conversational currency to the point that we feel a need to inflate what we say. We've been too happy to do things. We've been too much in support of each other.

So now we have to be "more than" what is reality just to keep pace.

I'm happy to say that I think it's time for a market correction. I would be 100 percent behind that.


NPR Junky said...

Mike, you crack me up 130.5%. This post made me laugh out loud, friend. But honestly, I say I'd be "more than happy" to do things all the time; I'd never really thought about it.

You're right though. Dang it!

Bob Hartman said...

Mike, you're really pushing the envelope with this entry... you know, operating at a whole new level... a real paradigm shift.

Anonymous said...

In my experience you only need to give 55% effort to be contributing to a project or goal 15% more than everyone else. If you give 65% you are a superstar.

The 110% effort is a joke.

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