Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dave Burris is a Mensch

Dave, who writes the blog First State Politics, is also the Chairman of the Sussex County Republican Party. We don't agree on much, politically, but he's always been a polite and pleasant opponent; one who puts forward real arguments in a spirit of positive discussion.

Today, Dave has taken a difficult position, and done so in a manner that can only be called open, honest, and very personal. Dave has released a letter to the State House Republican Leaders explaining why he feels Representative John Atkins, who has lately come under scrutiny by the House Ethics Committee, should resign or be expelled from the House.

Agree or disagree on the Atkins matter, it is clear that our Dave Burris is a mensch.


Randy (newbie) said...

Dang your literary soul! Outside of the baseball player Kevin Mench, I had to look up "mensch!" To all of those who fall into my no-better-than-a-B-grade in anything related to literary topics, here it is:
mensch (n): a decent, upright, mature, and responsible person.

More importantly, Mike, you are correct. Dave is a mensch. While what he did was right and just, Dave will also have battles. These battles already bewilder me, although I have not yet seen one. Having once made an unpopular decision (with much, much less magnitude) in a committee I chaired, the fallout was horribly immature, with an overdose of egotism. I basically saved the committee from a $1500 mistake, but I was slapped around for cancelling an event that a handful of people "loved." I think my issue was that I deviated from the norm, the expected. To a much larger degree, Dave did, too, and I congratulate him for that and stand behind him 100%!

Anonymous said...

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Mike Mahaffie said...

Randy, I went back and forth on whether to add a definition link. I added it this morning, but I'm glad you had a chance to stretch (grinning).

More seriously, I'm impressed with the positive reaction that I've seen to Dave's statement. It's nice to know we can come together across party lines sometimes.

As to Mr. or Ms. (likely not a Ms.) Anonymous, WTF?

Nancy Willing said...

hoy da ding di
ya think you have a stalker there Mike!!!!!!! hope not.
maybe just a drive by mental case

Shirley Vandever said...

I had to look up "mensch" as well. And I agree with Randy that you are correct.

Mr. Burris' letter almost gives me hope.

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