Thursday, March 29, 2007


This photo, and its partner, remind me that there are pictures to be taken at almost any time. Even when I think there's nothing to be seen.

I took these Monday evening, while in Annapolis for the Mid-Year Meeting of the National States Geographic Information Council. We'd just been dropped off outside Phillips Seafood House, in the center of town, for our "offsite social."

It was a slightly overcast, cool, and (I thought) unpromising evening. But there was still daylight (saved from somewhen) and I was in the harbor area of one of Maryland's oldest towns. It seemed worth a wander around, at least.

I found a few good pictures, and it was nice to stretch my legs after two days of intensive meetings. But I didn't think there was anything special until I was just about to enter the restaurant.

I turned back for one last look and realized that the sun was just behind an American Flag from where I stood. So I waited and timed the wind and its unfurling of the flag.

The jet in flight was a lucky accident.


Nancy Willing said...

heyo that is soooo inspiring. I love this pic so much that I am going to "borrow" it, with your blessing I hope, Mike.

DE Liberal go your name wrong this morning - thinking you were a Matthews - sacre bleu!!!!!

kavips said...

Due to the shape of the corona behind the flag, the second picture speaks more warmly.

Many will argue otherwise, but the plane offers a distraction, one I didn't catch until I compared the two pictures together......

But if you ever enter it competitively, my advice is choose the later. Some critic, huh?

I too would like to borrow it sometime to accompany a post I may sometime write......

Mike Mahaffie said...

Kavips, I agree that the other picture is more arresting, but this one fit the blog template better. Also, it was getting less love on flickr, so I figured I'd give it a moment in the ... spotlight.

I still kind of like the plane. Some sort of symbolism there.

And, both of you should feel free to use either photo (with appropriate credit, of course).

kavips said...

i understand both sentiments.

I do appreciate yout posting of Delawarean pictures.........

With the growth slated for your area, many of those interesting compositions of country ketch, will be replaced by strip malls, intersections, and housing developments.

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