Monday, February 19, 2007

Our First Husband/Wife Blogging Combo?

I was pleased last month to discover Dino's Journal, a blog by an Indonesian gent who has moved to Newark to work on his MBA at the University of Delaware. This week-end, my internet drift-net caught a post by Dina Hakimi, who had posted a photo of Lehigh Road, in Newark.

Her "About Me" includes a note that she is from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. How many Indonesians, and from that city, I wondered, can there be in Newark?

So I read on and discovered that Ms. Dina is married to Mr. Dino. He refers to her as Mita and includes her in his blog-roll.

It has me wondering whether there are any other husband/wife bloggers in Delaware.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to read the impressions of two very new newcomers to our little state.


galaxy girl said...

Great link - it's fun to get a new POV on old Newark! The post about his neighbors is hysterical. I think he should start yelling "Oh YEAH!" whenever the earth starts to quake.

Dino said...

Hahaha I can't believe you found my wifes blog Mike. Thanks for the post.
To Galaxy Girl:
My Indonesian friends told me to do the same thing. They also suggests that I have a louder sex than my neighbors did hehehe.

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