Thursday, February 22, 2007

Oh, For Jack's Sake!

Sometimes a headline is just perfect:
Suit tries to put the 'Christ' back in 'Halloween'
This was the headline on an AP story on the News Journal web site this afternoon. A family in suburban Philadelphia are suing school officials because their 10-year old wasn't allowed to dress as Jesus Christ for Halloween.

The school has a policy against promoting specific religions, according to the story, and "the boy and his mother are Christians who object to the pagan elements of Halloween."

If I may be multiply politically incorrect for a moment, let me say that here we have dueling stupidness.

Christian fundamentalists, please calm down. It's Halloween. Just a day when kids put on costumes and ask for candy. Grow up and let the kids be kids.

School administrators, settle down too. If the boy wants to dress as Christ, let him. If he's proselytizing and annoying the other kids, I suspect they'll sort the little prick out in their own way. There's no reason to let this escalate into a media case.

This is just so stupid. And now we have a story for everyone to comment on. This will not go well.

Though it does give me a great example of what depresses me about the anonymous commenting on the News Journal web site. Someone calling him- or herself SaneHatter had this to say:
GOOD! About time people of Christian faith stood up to the anti-christian morons in this country with their hypocracy and whinny crybaby I'm offended crap. God bless you son, may you win many times over.*
I followed the links back to the whole wonderful collection of SaneHatter's thoughts. This is a very unpleasant and angry person.

* (No, I did not bother to edit for spelling or grammar)


Duffy said...

Shouldn't someone so devout have reservations about dressing their son as The Son, Savior and Lord and sending him begging for candy?

I'm just sayin'...

galaxy girl said...

Um, yeah. duffy's on point - If they object to the pagan holiday, why are they dressing their kid up at all? Oh wait! It's not the first time Christians have tried to horn in on a pagan festival: can you say solstice?

NPR Junky said...

Dueling stupidness! HA! Oh, Mike, that just made my afternoon!

Anonymous said...

The head line should have been:

Piutting the "Oh Christ!" back in Halloween

Shirley Vandever said...

I've had occasion to see some of "SaneHatter"'s posts on the DNJ online forum. I can see why he/she hides behind the mask of anonymity. Truely inane. Thanks for the "collection" of his/her comments. Quite a treat ! :)))

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