Thursday, July 6, 2006

Tending to the Blogroll

Here we are at the start of another month. Time to check the blogroll.

I had thought about replacing this with a collection of bookmark categories, but I think that would get me too wrapped up in categorizing. I've decided to stay with a blogroll of Delaware-related blogs and blogs I'm interested in and leave it at that.

As usual, I will remove any blogs that have lain fallow for a month or so.

Most active Delaware blog-readers are well aware that DelaThought has withdrawn from what was turning into rather a fray. I won't link to his or her site; it has been hi-jacked by some sort of icky real-estate spam site.

Willard has not updated DelaWhyte since June 9. He was down to only a post or two a month lately.

Mike R.'s Oblogation has been quiet for just over a month. He last took notice of an impressive thunderstorm. Remember back when they were rare? Was it only a month ago?

I'm pulling Philly Future. Not because it isn't active. It is. But I don't feel drawn to read it any more.

Ditto for The Hungarian Knight. It is active. And it is by someone in Delaware, but it is not about Delaware.

Other than these changes, I have to say that the Delaware Blog Community has been active and interesting lately. Things are heating up?!


Donviti said...


i made the cut!


have a great weeken

Gary Wolfe said...

Mike, thanks for the link I added you to my blogroll as well. Not too many of us in lower Delaware. I've got some friends on the IR board, and they are unique.

Bob Hartman said...

Mike, thank you very much for your link (I think it's my first) and for all the wonderful photos of Delaware et al.

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