Monday, July 24, 2006

Vacation Report, Part 1: At Liberty

Liberty Framed
We left on our northern trek on Thursday, July 13. We were due at The Tyler Place, in northern Vermont, on Saturday, but decided to ease our way up the eastern seaboard over a few days, playing tourist as we went.

We took the Cape May/Lewes Ferry over to New Jersey and drove up the Garden State Parkway to our first stop: Liberty State Park, across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

We took the Park's ferry to Ellis Island and then to Liberty Island. I think it would have been better had we driven the evening before, stayed somewhere close, and arrived at the Park in the early morning, rather than just after lunch, as we did. Then, we might have been in time to go into the Statue of Liberty. As it was we were only able to wander around the statue and Liberty Island itself.

Ellis Island also would have rewarded more time. We saw the Registration Room and some of the immigration museum. The girls were interested and I think we all would have enjoyed doing a search for those members of Karen's family that came through Ellis Island a few generations back. Next time.

We did enjoy watching the other tourists; there were folks from all over the US and around the world.

Liberty Island was very cool. I took advantage of the grounds to photograph the statue from all sides and to try some close-up shots and artistic shots.

The day was partly cloudy. But enough sun broke through to light New York City with the clouds as a backdrop. I was impressed with the beauty of Manhattan from the Hudson.

We'll need to go back to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty some day when we have more time.

We left there late and drove through horrific afternoon rush hour traffic to the Palisades Parkway and north to a hotel just over the New York/New Jersey border.


Matt Cooper said...

i love the animal pictures you have they are very cute

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The Delawarean said...

I love the NYC photos. Excellent shots. I was out in Montana and my friggin camera broke so I only got a few shots. @%!T##$T!#R@@!!

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