Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Jack Markell Enters the Blogosphere

Delaware Treasurer Jack Markell has started a blog -- Blog for Delaware -- that looks interesting. Fritz, over at Sneaking Suspicions, pointed to this site, and offers an accurate read on the promise this site shows.

State Treasurer is an elected post in Delaware, and for some it's been a stepping stone to higher office. Jack Markell may be headed that way, but if so he's been pretty cool about it. It'll be interesting to read his blog for a while and see where he's headed.

We had Jack Markell as keynote speaker at the 2000 State GIS Conference. He spoke well and showed great aplomb when someone in the kitchens next to the ballroom he spoke in dropped what must have been 537,002 china plates. Just a brief pause, and he carried right on.

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Butterfly said...

Blog for Delaware.

How cool. Maybe I should write our PM and ask him to start a Blog for Canada.

Maybe not.

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