Friday, February 4, 2005

I Suppose I Should Add A Blogroll

I've been meaning to put together a list of Delaware blogs. I've been collecting links to blogs by Delawareans and Delaware ex-pats and thought I'd offer a few that I've found.

These are in no particular order. I'm limiting myself to those I've found myself reading lately and that I've found to be active. I know there are other Delaware Blogs, and I'll check them out as I have time.

The Delawarean is by a gent I know through work. He's active and curious and kind, and those are attributes I value in folks in general. He also keeps his blog up-to-date, and attribute to value in a blogger. He's in spatial data as well, so we share a professional affinity.

TLJ's Thoughts of the Day is by Tara. She's a journalist and writes in full. Her blog is usually sunny and nice. She may, in fact, be a Pennsylvanian, but Delaware used to be part of Pennsylvania, so I'll let that slide.

Scrink, by Tink, is a little too focused lately on The OC (for me), but interesting none-the-less. Tink is a Mom. She's from Bear, Delaware, which we all know really doesn't exist.

Becky, of Extreme Dating, describes herself as a "redneck hippie NPR-junkie." How can you not like someone who covers all those bases? Of course, when Karen walks by, and the laptop is open to "Extreme Dating," I have to be a fast-talking hubby.

Little Caesar's Daily R & R is by Brenda, a former U of Delaware student now in law school out in the middle of things. She's a thoughtful democrat. Little Caesar? Her dog.

I found her through comments on Mark's blog To Seek A Newer World. He's also a law student and former Blue Hen. He's been inactive lately, but hey, he is in law school.

Beast's World comes out of Claymont, a place with a bit more "definition" than Bear.

Delaware Law Office is the blog of attorney Larry Sullivan.

Matt Hearn writes at length on a variety of topics and has added fiction lately, or so he claims. I find myself returning in part because I can't help but wonder if he's related to Jack and Dara Hearn, here in Lewes.

Sneaking Suspicions is Fritz Schranck's blog. I've actually known Fritz for some time. He's an attorney for DelDOT and we've worked together; we share a commute and pass each other (to be honest, he usually passes me) on the road every once in a while; and I read his golf column in the Cape Gazette. He earned my great respect though, for his ambitious proposal some time back to establish new city of Brighton, Delaware.

The Bunker
claims to come from deep beneath Wilmington's Trolley Square. Maybe. But I like his (I think it's a he?) take on things.

And let's wrap things up for the evening with a mention of DelaVoice, which purports to have taken over for DelaTacit. I miss DelaTacit. The Voice site seems a little one-note. I was participating on there for a while, trying to offer a left-side perspective on what is an un relievedly right-wing blog, but the level of debate was low. I backed away when I noticed I was only one of a very few actually using my own name.

I have more on my list, I'll try to post them soon and will undertake to add a blogroll to the sidebar soon.


Tara said...

I am from PA, Mike! But I've been here several years so... am I native yet? :-)
Thanks for the link and the compliments! I'll have to add you to my blog roll, eh?

Nice beach pix, btw.

tortcaesar said...

mike, thanks for the link and promo! Brenda

Mark said...

Mike, Thank you for including me in the Blogroll and the great promo. Also, thanks for understanding my absence. I am hoping I can keep up now that I am back in the blogging habit.

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