Saturday, February 19, 2005

In My Little Town

Winter days can be very quiet. Even at noon on a Friday I can stand in the middle of the main street and take photos. In February, anyway.

Second Street, Lewes, Delaware. 12:01 p.m., Friday, February 18, 2005

I had just visited the Bakery and Coffee Roastery (out of frame on the left), to treat myself to the only sustenance available after a morning of dental work. Having half of your face numb means anything involving chewing is probably a bad idea. A cafe mocha, however, is fairly safe and an appropriate reward for my dental-chair bravery.

Out of frame on the right is the ATM machine where I had just transferred funds to cover the costs of a crown and a filling.

After taking this photo, it was back to the office. For this round at the dentist's office, I only took the morning off.


NPR Junky said...


I gotta tell you, you're not living on the wild side until you try to eat with a novacained up mouth. When I was still teaching preschool, one day I had a dental apt. right before we went on a field trip. We took lunch with us, and there was no hope for eating if I didn't eat with the group at lunch time, so it was eat or be sorry later. The novacaine hadn't worn off by lunchtime...and it wasn't pretty. But, the kids got a kick out of it and we took some great pictures that day.

Did anyone try to get you to smile when you were numb?

Mike said...

No, no one tried to get me to smile. In fact, after I got the coffee, I had about a 40 minute ride up to my office and I used the time to chat by cell phone with Del about his troubles. It was a bummer time, to be honest.

It was an odd numbness this time. My lip was only slightly numb, but my cheek was numb on the right side from jaw to hairline. I was more worried about tearing up my cheek while chewing than about drooling.

Kerri said...

Mike, your town looks so peaceful and pretty. I like taking nature pictures, too. The lastest ones I've posted were of the snow. I live on an island so see the same thing everyday but still have not tired of looking at it. :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog!

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