Saturday, February 5, 2005

Bethany in Mid-Winter

I had a chance to visit Bethany Beach today. I walked the boardwalk and gazed into windows of shut-down stores.

It was a blue-sky day with some haze.

Winter at the beach.

When only the birds and fish swim in the ocean.

The beach is now deserted, lacking the scores of vacationers, young and old; many in the delightful dream of first love.

It's been just over seven months. Does this person still love Bubick?

I took a few moments to visit North Bethany, where we often swim in the summer. The houses there have been getting bigger and bigger.

I think this is the current size champion.


The Delawarean said...

I think deep down inside, we all share a little love for Bubick...

What kind of camera do you have Mike? MPs?

Mike said...

Cannon PowerShot S30. 3.2 MegaPixels. It's a nice little camera. It has been dropped a few times, and is getting slightly creaky, but suits my needs rather nicely.

That Girl said...

I'm from Baltimore and used to do the Ocean City thing. I've been hitting the Delaware beaches the past few years and enjoy your pics. I can say that the seagulls in Delaware seem to be a bit more vicious than OC. Last time I was in Rehobeth, they snatched the funnel cake right off my plate!

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