Friday, October 29, 2004

This Is My Congressman

UPDATE (12/23/04): I just revisited the archives here and find that the great photo of Congressman Castle in costume is gone from them State GOP website. Luckily, this nice portrait of the Congressman as a congressman replaced it. I'm guessing someone thought that having a shot of Mr. Castle as Frankenstein's creature on-line was a bad idea. I guess I can understand that. I stand by my opinion, though, that even in that costume, Mr. Castle's good-guy-ness shone through.

Delaware has only one seat in Congress. Our incumbent is Michael Castle, seen here in a Halloween Parade in Newark recently (Photo thanks to the State GOP website). What struck me first about this picture, and what stays with me, is how nice Mike Castle's smile looks, even surrounded by a goofy costume and floured-up with pancake make-up. This is, oddly enough, a great picture of the Congressman. It captures his innate "niceness."

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