Monday, October 4, 2004

My Commute

Some time back, I was interviewed for a local publication on the subject of commuting. I commute about 45 minutes each way, from Lewes to Dover, in Delaware. Asked why that didn't bother me, I explained how low-impact my commute is, in terms of traffic, and added an off-hand remark about the "zen" of the commute. Maybe this is what I was thinking about...

Dawn, Delaware Route 1 Posted by Hello

This is a shot from a slightly foggy morning the other day. Delaware is a flat place, but it can be beautiful.


DarkoV said...

LIke you, I do the 45 minute ZenDrive. Only, it's from Wilmington down to Smyrna. I passs the cars not moving on Route 1 heading North and I hum a one note melody. Being quite flat, as you'd mentioned, the high point of the trip is crossing the Route 1 bridge and looking over at Salem, belching steam on the Jersy side. said...

Consider yourself lucky. There are some real frightening commutes out there!

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