Saturday, October 9, 2004

POS = Parent(s) Over Shoulder - Acronyms, IM, Text Messages, E-Mail Shorthand

Colleen challenged us tonight with "POS", a small bit of Instant Messaging (IM) shorthand that she was convinced we, as old old old people, would never figure out. Her reasoning, as a teen, was sound; Mom and Dad are in their just-70's, Karen and I are in our early 40's, and Bob and Karen are in their late 30's. None of us are IM-users.

But she misunderestimated her old man, the Google-junkie. As soon as we got home, I tried Googling "im+shorthand+POS" and learned that POS means "Parent(s) over Shoulder."

Of course, Colleen contends that I cheated. But with the collected (if un-collated) knowledge of all of society at my finger tips...

The link at the top of this entry, by the way, though most useful, was not the source of the solution. It is, however, a large lexicon of IM shorthand so I have book-marked it for future reference.

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Improv Inmate said...

It doesn't. It means piece of shit. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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