Saturday, October 2, 2004

Another Sign of the Seasons' Change...

This is how I always think of Steve Seyfried! Posted by Hello

Today I re-edited the web site of The Rehoboth Summer Children's Theatre to remove specific references to the summer of 2004 and start planting seeds for the summer of 2005.

That's Steve, one of the founders of the Theatre, onstage in The Wizard of Oz this past summer with Monica Moran, a wonderful performer who works for the Children's Theatre in the summer and for Steve and Elise (his wife and the co-founder) and their Duet Productions and Family Stages, in the off-season.

The Children's Theatre web site is one of my pet projects. I'm also the Chair of the Theatre Board of Trustees (anyone want to take over the chair? Please?). It's a rewarding activity.

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