Thursday, May 1, 2014

Past Accomplishments, Future Plans

Several voters have asked for a short list of the things I accomplished while on the Lewes Planning Commission and some of what I plan to accomplish on City Council.  So I have pulled together a few thoughts:

I have served for 15 years on the Planning Commission, the last five years as Chair.
  • I helped write the 2005 Lewes Comprehensive Plan (PDF) and led efforts to review and suggest interim updates of the plan.
  • I led the effort to update the Zoning Ordinance and the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, based on the 2005 Comprehensive Plan. This included doing the technical digital mapping work to create the current Lewes Zoning map (PDF).
  • I led the Planning Commission through reviews of a series of complex and controversial development proposals, achieving concessions from developers and improving the resulting developments.
  • I instituted a regular practice of "roundtable reviews" of the recent activities of city committees, to help keep Planning Commission members up to date on issues in the city.
On Lewes City Council I will draw upon my long experience and detailed knowledge of Lewes and state government operations.
  • I will ensure that Lewes gets the most value out of our contract-planner and work towards a goal of eventually adding a full-time planner to help city staff and our boards and commissions.
  • I will work with the state, county and our neighboring cities to make Cape region cooperation, and planning, a reality.
  • I will find opportunities to preserve options in housing and mobility for seniors.
I have the knowledge and experience needed on Lewes City Council at this point in our history.

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