Friday, May 2, 2014

Cape Gazette Questions Series: Lewes is a Special Place

The Cape Gazette sent a series of questions to each of the candidates for Lewes City Council for publication in the May 2 edition.

What makes Lewes such a special place?

Lewes is a city of bustle and change, yet it maintains a quiet, historic charm. We’ve maintained our relationship to the ocean and the bay. We have active days, yet our nights are peaceful.

Our retail sector includes independent shops and restaurants that are becoming too rare elsewhere. Second Street is home to innovative entrepreneurs and restaurateurs.

As the oldest city in this state, we have inherited a unique mix of housing styles. Our neighborhoods range from compact colonial grid-style to modern suburban communities.

The people of Lewes have an energy that combines wide life-experience with a strong interest in community. You need only attend a meeting of the Council, the Planning Commission, or other city committee to see the engagement of Lewes' people.

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