Friday, May 2, 2014

Cape Gazette Questions Series: Educational and Work Background

The Cape Gazette sent a series of questions to each of the candidates for Lewes City Council for publication in the May 2 edition.

Please tell us about yourself, including age, educational background and work experience as it relates to the position of city councilperson.

I was born 52 years ago in Washington DC and educated in Montgomery Co., Maryland, public schools. I earned a BA (English) from Colby College, in Maine.

I've built a career around sharing information, using data well, and enhancing intergovernmental coordination. I have won service and achievement awards from my peers in state and national professional organizations. I've won the highest award given by the US Geological Survey.

I have long-established relationships with the leaders of state agencies important to Lewes. I have relationships with county and municipal leaders as well. I have the knowledge and experience to help Lewes work more with its neighbors, with the County and with the state.

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