Friday, March 12, 2010

Stickers, Stickers, Everywhere

You may have noticed a small red sticker has started turning up in my flickr photo stream lately. You may be wondering, "why?"

Well, here's why.

My friend Learon Dalby works in the Arkansas Geographic Information Office (AGIO). They developed a logo for their office a few years ago and recently had it printed onto stickers that they have started handing out to friends and fans and folks in general.

The logo, and the sticker, of course, include the motto "Putting Arkansas on the Map!" That led Learon to ask whether it might be possible to get Arkansas on the map in some other states too.
Discussion ensued which resulted in my firm stance AGIO could get pictures of the logo taken in all 50 states using various social media outlets and personal connections. I am also hoping to get a few from the territories.
So Learon has been handing out stickers to friends in other states and we are dutifully posing them with landmarks in our states and sharing the photos, and locations, back with Learon.

Expect them to appear on a map sometime soon. We're GIS geeks, this is what we do.

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Learon Dalby said...

Hey Mike- Thanks for playing along. The effort if off to a great start and we look forward to receiving more photos from across the country next week.

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