Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OK Go? Go, OK?

This has been all over the web today. It's really very cool. So I thought I'd post it too! OK Go, who did such a cool dance on treadmills a while back, have now topped themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Microbiologists have now discovered that blood clotting, and vision and a few other human functions work very much the same way as the complex depiction in the video. They have discovered that key elements in the process, (like the yellow lampshade for instance) must exist for only 1 purpose; to trigger the next element. Without this one key component in a series of events the entire process would not work. In blood clotting for example we humans would bleed to death from a cut if this series of events didn't work right. It doesn't work by chance, it all designed. As a matter of fact even many modern mathematicians calculate the mathematical impossibility of the complex event happening by random mutation or chance. Designed. Created. What a beautiful video to show the power of the Creator.

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