Saturday, March 6, 2010

Going... Going...

It's been a month since the Blizzards of 2010 in southern Delaware. Starting on February 5, we had two rounds of heavy snow.

The storms left us shoveling out driveways and piling the snow along the sides.

I piled most of our driveway's snow on the side of the driveway that is usually downwind in our neighborhood. My theory was that that would reduce drifting. It mostly worked. It also meant that we had a large long ridge of snow down one side of the driveway.

It stuck around for a while. This shot is from March 4. Even after a warm-up and lots of rain, there was still a small snow bank.

By this morning (March 6) the end was in sight.

Finally, this afternoon, we saw the very last of the snowbank.

I like snow, but I'm glad to see the last of it for this year. I hope.

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