Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twelfth Golf Game of 2008

Andy and I took advantage of the Veteran's Day holiday to play 18 holes at Old Landing Golf Course outside of Rehoboth Beach. We got there early and were the second group out. We walked, carrying our bags. I don't know about Andy, but I needed the exercise.

Andy and I play old Landing one or two times each year. It's an older course with mature trees and several small hills in play. Taking care of the course seems to be a challenge. The fairways are often rough, but the greens have been nice this year.

I'm afraid I did not play well. I started poorly and never really caught up, though there were a few bright spots. I pulled out the driver from my set of clubs for today, for example. I had shelved it earlier this year in favor of an over-sized, square driver that I always thought looked like a metal ham sandwich. I thought I'd try the old driver, which has the same shape and shaft as my 5- and three 3-wood. It worked a bit better.

I'm also starting to have some success with my 3- and 4-hybrid "rescue" clubs. I'm now hitting them more like the irons. I sometimes top them embarrassingly, but when I connect I'm very pleased.

I ended the day with a 121. I had hoped to break 100 this year. I guess I'll do it in a sweater if I break it this year.

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