Sunday, May 4, 2008

Third Golf Game of 2008

Andy and I walked on at Old Landing Golf Course, outside of Rehoboth Beach, this morning. The course was not too crowded, but there was a large group, several foursomes, just ahead of us. So we started on ten. That is an odd way to play that course. You usually finish with holes 17 and 18: a long, turning par-4 and a huge par-5 that ends across a pond. The eighth and ninth, on the other hand, are a straight par-4 a short par-3.

The course was in somewhat rough shape. The greens are in fine shape, if slow, but the fairways are a mess; fair in name only. It's still a fun course, with mature trees and natural topography. It is well worth the cost.

I played poorly and carded a 110. There were a few good drives and putts. I had a par or two. And I felt I was making some progress with my new driver. All in all, a good way to spend a morning.

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