Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eleventh Golf Game of 2008

ocean resorts golf course
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Andy, Rich and I played 18 holes at the Ocean Resorts Golf Club in Berlin, Maryland. Andy and I had played there a few years back, but things have changed a bit. It is under new ownership after having gone out of business for a while.

Ocean Resorts is a mature course. It still has that "carved from a soybean field" for some holes, But others wind through the woods, there is plenty of water, there are tricky humps scattered throughout. It is a tight, tough course. For several holes, the scorecard recommends "a long iron, hit straight." I got the first part right...

This was one of my worst games of golf in some time. Or at least that's how it felt. I started strong, staying near par for a few holes. Then it all fell apart. I tried to rally, but was either mediocre or plain awful on many holes. I ended with a 124.

And yet, there were shots I was proud of, and some putts as well. And, it was a lovely day. Remarkably warm and sunny for November 1. I'm glad we had a chance to play.

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