Monday, May 26, 2008

We Have Guests, Again

A bird has taken over one of the two hanging flower baskets we have outside our front door this spring. It's the second time we've played host to basket-nesting birds.

We first noticed that the flowers in one basket were looking a bit more stressed than those in the other. On closer inspection, we found the beginnings of a nest and we started to see a bird coming and going.

For the last few days, this bird has been sitting there steadily; I assume there are eggs under there.

I think we'll happily sacrifice the flowers for a few new birds.


Richard said...

That is a mourning dove. We have tons of them around our yard. They love to eat the birdseed thrown on the ground by sloppier birds that eat at the feeders above. I have never seen one nest though. Good luck getting your hanging baskets replanted, you will need to wait until the current occupant leaves.

Mike Mahaffie said...

Thanks Richard! Thats what I was thinking.

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