Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A New Look

Our front yard has a new look. The Bradford Pear that split and fell partly down last month has been removed by our tree guy this week. He has yet to take care of that stump, but it's something of a relief to have the tree gone. As I noted in December, it had grown too large to really support itself and was too close to the house for comfort in windy weather.

We still have two Dogwoods out front. The one on the left was shaded-out by the Pear for several years and now lags behind its sibling on the right. I expect it will do much better now. We'll also be able to get grass growing on that side again.

I feel bad losing a tree. But it had to go. Meanwhile, we're awaiting young trees coaxed from the old tree that used to stand in the courtyard of Epworth United Methodist Church in Rehoboth. It also had to come down, but cuttings are being raised and sold as a fund-raiser. We'd always loved that tree, so we're looking forward to meeting its descendants.


Nancy Willing said...

It is neat that you have young trees from the church!
They'll be as tall as the house before you know it.

jason said...

Gosh Beav, did you cry when the tree came down?

Mike Mahaffie said...

Jason: No. We were expecting it.

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