Tuesday, January 15, 2008

John Mayer Sticks Up for an Ex

Singer, songwriter and excellent guitarist John Mayer has a blog post up this evening in defense of Jessica Simpson. Mayer dated Ms. Simpson for a bit before she dated Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. He is responding here to the uproar over Mr. Romo's brief vacation with Ms. Simpson prior to the Cowboys loss to the Giants.

John Mayer's point is that, in his opinion, knowing Ms. Simpson as he does, it is not right to suggest that Ms. Simpson was knowingly undermining the Cowboys quarterback:
All witty barbs, blogs, and fashion policing aside, that girl loves Texas more than you know. It's one of her most defining traits as a person. So please don't try and take that away from her. (You probably wouldn't be able to, but it's less work for all involved.)
For what its worth, I can say that I don't think that Tony Romo's vacation had any major effect on his play. He wasn't that bad; and I say that as a lifelong Redskins fan and hater of the Dallas Cowboys. In fact, as much as it pains me to say it, I agree with Terrell Owens; that was a team loss.

Actually, seeing the Cowboys lose as a team was pretty sweet, from my couch.


Anonymous said...

I like the reading log. Perhaps a food log would be good too? What does Karen think?

kavips said...

There is no way after spending time with Jessica that anyone could keep 100% of their focus on the game.

Reviewing the films it is obvious when he clicked in and out.

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