Sunday, January 20, 2008

The National Portrait Gallery Has A Sense of Humor

We were in northern Virginia this week-end for a dance competition in Crystal City. Our daughters were in dance classes all day on Saturday and part of Sunday; they performed in competition Saturday evening. They did quite well, thank you.

While we were not needed Saturday afternoon, Karen and I went wandering by Metro with a few friends. We visited the National Portrait Museum, where, among other exhibits, there hangs the Steven Colbert portrait.

Colbert has been airing a several-part series lately about his efforts to get the serial portrait from the set of his Colbert Report added to a museum in Washington. The Portrait Gallery people agreed to play along, for a while, and have placed the Colbert Portrait between the Men's and Women's rooms outside the gallery of presidential portraits on the second floor.

It is drawing a crowd.

We found folks photographing the portrait or having their own portrait photographed with Colbert's. And lots of people standing around to watch.

It made it a bit hard to get to the Men's room.

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Christin said...

Hi Mike,

I stumbled upon your post doing some monitoring for my client the Smithsonian Channel. (Glad to see that your daughters did well in their dance competitions...I remember those days)

I thought you might be interested in checking out a funny reaction video that the Smithsonian Channel made featuring the Colbert portrait.

You can watch the video or grab the embed code on YouTube (just posted today):

Hope you enjoy the video!

- Christin Eubanks
Smithsonian Channel Community Administrator

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