Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Karen Was Right

When we're out on the road, and some other driver is being an aggressive jerk, Karen always warns me against going macho/testosteronial with the admonition "you don't know; he may have a gun."

As it turns out, she is right. An aggressive jerk driver was arrested by state police today.
A loaded handgun and prescription drugs were found in his car, according to police.
The drugs were Valium. If only he'd had a few, he might not have been so aggressive.


Duffy said...

Oddly, I find that people who use that phrase most often are the same ones telling me that having a gun in the home for self protection is pointless and/or dangerous.

Evil Spock said...

My gf has some road rage tendencies. I rarely let it get to me. I always think of the gun nuts who drive around with six shooters waiting to make someone's day.

charline said...

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