Sunday, March 5, 2006

So Long, Al. You've Got Work; So Write

Al Mascitti is leaving the News Journal to become a radio talk show host. He's been trying out the talk show format for a while and, from all the reports I've read, he likes it and is pretty good at it.

I'm going to miss his writing. Al's not someone I always agreed with, but he can write and he does "acerbic columnist" rather well.

My problem is that I'm not usually able to listen to WDEL; I'm a down-stater and not generally able to listen to talk radio at the office.

I'm hoping that Al will take up blogging. He wrote a few blog entries as a News Journal columnist on the News Journal web site. But it was infrequent and the newspaper's blog set-up was not the best.

I checked this afternoon, and found that is already taken. It looks like is available.

There are other blogging systems, of course. I'm just trying to start the conversation.

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