Tuesday, March 7, 2006

13 Curves Road

13 Curves Road
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This morning I took a drive down 13 Curves Road, which runs from Primehook Road to Cods Road, east of Delaware Route One and southeast of Milford. I counted 20 curves, but maybe I was counting bends that don't really qualify as curves.


Nancy Willing said...

Call me a bit of a cynic but the day may come when DelDOT sees fit to straighten that road!

No change is a bad as full-fledged build out but can we trust our planners to find the balance, Mike?

delathought said...

Man, did we have some fun on that road back in the day! One of the great secrets of a Sussex County childhood, 13 Curves Road.

Anonymous said...

I've been up and down that road for all of my 43 years. It's a unique landmark in its own right with an extensive Native American history. There's no way it would ever be "straightened" or altered by Deldot. The only power that would change it would be Mother Nature by flooding it out. M.Rhue

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