Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Out Cedar Neck

Church on Cedar Neck
This morning was dry and crisply clear, though windy. I took a detour out Slaughter Neck to Slaughter Beach, and then back to the highway by way of Cedar Neck. This was another part of my on-going "east of Route 1" photo project.

I found shipping out in the Bay off the mouth of the Mispillion River. I found unique signage in Slaughter Beach. I think I took a photo of the Mispillion Light.

The church above was on the way back in, just before I got to the highway east of Milford. There was something about the tree, the simple small church building, and the white picket fence that called to my camera.

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Nancy Willing said...

Hi Mike!
I love these pics. The quiet, peaceful images gave me an inner lull to sate the sort of quest one has for such moments and places of meditation.
I am glad to seek refuge at the musings!

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