Thursday, February 23, 2006


We got a letter today letting us know that Colleen's name came up in the lottery used by Sussex Technical High School to select in-coming ninth-grade students for next year. She's in.

Colleen really wanted to get into Tech. Most of her friends are planning to attend there, and she'd like to continue with them.

Karen and I are quite pleased as well. Despite starting life as a Technical Vocational School, Sussex Tech has become one of the better academic high schools in our area.

Part of the reason for this, I think, is that the technical school districts are county-wide. There's one in all three of Delaware's Counties. And the school is well-funded. The tech districts collect school taxes from the whole of the county and (if I understand this correctly) can change their tax rate without referenda.

Sussex Tech's reputation, and the occasional problems of the other high schools in the County, has meant that in recent years there's been a strong demand for places at the school. That has led to the institution of a lottery system. Younger siblings of current students get a free pass.

At least three of Colleen's best friends got that free pass, so we were worried about her not getting in via the lottery. But she did. Yay.


Anonymous said...

and when some of her young friends get pregnant, the school will endorse the idea by providing an in school day care! Go to it kids.

Mike said...

What? I sense bitterness here. Clearly you don't know my daughter or her friends.

Anonymous said...

Not really talking about your daughter, but pointing out that the tech school provides a tax payer supported daycare in the school used by knocked up teenagers.

whats the message?

Even baby showers for unwed teens who get pregnant?

Anonymous said...

FYI to that other Anonymous person, Tech has an in-school daycare to provide a hands-on experience for students of their Early Childhood Education Technical Area. And even if a student did have a child, and Mike's child would not, wouldn't it be better to provide services to care for the baby so the mother could finish school???? I don't support teenage pregnancy, and Tech does not encourage it, and the daycare wasn't just built for children of students.

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