Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Good For You, Dr. Hattier

Dr. Donald Hattier, a member of the Indian River School Board, has a letter in the Delaware WAVE today. He's responding to recent concerns (ours among them) about budget-cutting in the district and the effect it might have on the Southern Delaware School of the Arts (SDSA).

In his letter (Clearing things up about SDSA), Dr. Hattier responds to several letters in the February 8 edition of the WAVE. Interestingly, he responds equally to a letter from a supporter of SDSA and (though not explicitly) to the letter from a new Board member who I think has stirred up much of the fuss.

Dr. Hattier explains that the Board is looking for places to save money across the District, not just from SDSA.
The intent was never to cut the school or eliminate it. I do not believe that the board as a whole ever considered that, notwithstanding comments made by a board member. I do not consider SDSA dessert, nor do I think that represents the thoughts of most of our board. The intent was in fairness to look at everything, period.
Fair enough. We can respect that and work with it.

Update: Karen pointed out to me that Dr. Hattier is not the head of the Board, but only another member. I must have been fooled by his willingness to lead. I have updated this post as of 6:00 p.m., 2/23/06.

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