Saturday, February 11, 2006

Cold, Wet, 5K

The Race Starts
Despite the cold and rain, Karen, Christina and I took part in a 5K charity race this morning down by Ocean View. It was an event by the Seashore Striders, meant to raise money for the "Steel the Show" steel-drum group of the Southern Delaware School of the Arts.

We weren't there to win. The organizers offered a 1-mile fun-walk. We opted to go the 5 kilometers, though we planned to mostly walk it. We all did a bit of light jogging as well.

Karen likes to speed-walk these things. Christina was jogging and walking by turns. I was mostly walking, and stopping to take a few photos. I wasn't the last person back to the finish line, but it was close.

Christina was the fastest in her age group.

It was cold. It was raining, though it wasn't the steady, cold disappointingly-not-snow rain that we endured all afternoon. We all were limping around the house this evening. Well. I was. Karen may have been. Christina is a kid. And limber. She'll probably happily be doing splits tomorrow morning.

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