Thursday, September 22, 2005

There's Irony Here. Is it Intentional?

I've noticed some puzzling stickers on the back windows of cars here in Sussex County lately.

You know the type: oval stickers with initials on a plain background that mark your pride in something. Our friends Andy and Lynn have a green oval with "VT" on their car, symbolizing their annual vacation to Vermont. Sometimes you see "UK" for Anglophiles, or "FR" for Francophiles.

Here's one that I've noticed on several cars lately:

At this scale, it's clear that these stickers reflect pride in living in "Lower Slower Delaware." But when you see this from a car-length back, at 25-, 35-, 45-miles per hour or faster, there's a certain level of double-take involved.

"LSD? Isn't that illegal?"

"Watch the road, honey. Never mind the stickers."

I had heard in the past about "Slower Lower Delaware." I think there were tee-shirts to that effect.

Why the change of word order? Is there a copyright issue? Or is someone combining pride in place, the profit motive, and a small amount of subversive hinting?

Update: Thanks to chrisubus who Googled-up a link with more background. I thought I had pretty good Google-skills, but I didn't find this. Looks like it was a copyright issue.

Here, from the linked discussion, is a phrase you don't hear/see around here very often:
My company owns the trademark on "LSD"...


chrisubus said...

Hmm.. you had me wondering. My husband's from Lewes and has always said, "slower lower," too. I Googled "lower slower delaware" and found this website:

Looks like both phrases are trademarked. Who would have thought?

Anonymous said...

Hey's a little background on LSD. My company owns the trademark on it. We got the idea while we were fishing in the Outer Banks....OBX is real popular down there.....stickers, shirts, can name it. So we started tossing the idea around of "slower lower Delaware"....SLD. Then we realized that the guy in Millsboro has that on his shirts and it is trademarked. So after about 3 more Coronas, the brainstorm hit me....switch the words around....and LSD is born. We are not trying to advocate drugs in any way....but the "double meaning" is kind of humorous and it does make you look twice....which is what we were going for. In 2006, we are going to do some more aggresive marketing, hopefully. It is only a small business venture, that is secondary to our main busines, but we hope to get it out there more. I am even working on a homemade bar b q sauce that we want to use it on. Thanks for talking about it here. If anyone has any questions, here is my email.

Mike Courtney

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