Thursday, September 1, 2005

It's Time to Donate

Please consider donating to the American Red Cross to help folks recover from Hurricane Katrina.

I've been astounded by what I'm seeing on television from the Gulf Coast. Our southern neighbors have been hit hard by what may be the worst natural disaster in our history.

What frustrates me is the sense that we're only seeing part of the story. I don't think the media is hiding anything. I think this story is so huge that they can't get their cameras, microphones, and talking heads really around it.

I wish I could do more to help. My friend Dorothy's husband is a linesman and he's already down south helping out. I see stories of young folks spending a few days helping with the relief effort. I guess my health, at this time, is such that I shouldn't even consider it, but I'm sorry that I can't head south to help out too.

But I can donate. And so can you.

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