Friday, September 2, 2005

I've Been Here

This is a photo that I found in one of the fascinating collections of pictures from the group of network administrators at who stayed in New Orleans to keep their company's web-hosting systems up and running. They have also been blogging their experience and have attracted thousands of readers and comments.

This shot struck me and I had to post it because the fire that's burning is just behind Mother's Restaurant, the first place Karen and I visited when we went to New Orleans six years or so ago. That's Mother's there, on the corner. It's a cramped little deli that served (and I hope will serve again) a sloppy mess of a sandwich called a Po'Boy. I admit that food is my weakness; this place impressed me.

Off to the right, just out of the picture, is a large, newer hotel (I can't remember which) in which Karen and I stayed for that week-end. Straight ahead, down the street, is the French Quarter.

I've been heartbroken by what I've seen and read out of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. We've donated to the Red Cross and our prayers have gone out. This photo brought me back to my few visits to New Orleans; with Karen and for a conference. My sadness deepens.


Anonymous said...
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Judie Crookston said...

Mike....Read about your medical situation. Hope all is much better. John had pulmonary edema and congestive heart failure earlier this year from taking an over the counter med (Coricidin D). Twas a frightening few hours! I write this from Lake Champlain! We are visiting daughter and grand children. The devastation in the south is beyond what my heart can experience. God bless us all!

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