Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ten by Ten

This is an experiment in structured random searching.
  1. I start with a Google search of the word "ten."
  2. I take the tenth result (Late Show with David Letterman) and find the tenth word in the first block of body text and do a search on that word: musical.
  3. Tenth result: Musical Traditions Internet Magazine. Tenth word: come.
  4. Tenth result: We Come in Peace. Tenth word: my. (Rule violation #1: I had to use the words in the title blocks on this, a Flash site.)
  5. Tenth result: WebMDHealth. Tenth word: can.
  6. Tenth result: CanTeach. Tenth word: of.
  7. Tenth result: Federal Bureau of Investigation. Tenth word: understandably.
  8. Tenth result: USAToday: US Airways seeks court OK to end pacts with two unions. Tenth word: its.
  9. Tenth result: MathDL. Tenth word: publication.
  10. Tenth result: International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication. Tenth word: ICAAP.
And the final (tenth tenth) result is: The Journal of Distance Education.

Some caveats.

I presume that this same search approach undertaken at a different time will yield a different end result, since the top ten results of Google searches should be expected to change over time.

Finding the tenth word on any given page may be somewhat subjective. I have chosen to try to find the tenth word in the first block of "body text" I can identify. I tried to avoid words in titles and subtitles.

So who else will try this and share their results? Maybe someone can do this on Yahoo and see what they find? Perhaps starting with "nine?"

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