Sunday, July 3, 2005

Fifth Golf Game of 2005

An Island Green
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I played 18 holes, poorly, this morning; again at the Heritage Course.

I had planned to go early and play a fast, solo, practice round. But the place was packed and it took longer than I had planned.

In fact, it was so crowded that, after a few holes, I joined up with a threesome to finish the round.

They were Chip, an assistant manager at the Heritage Course and the attached hotel, and his neighbors June and Tammy.

All three were very nice folks, at about my level of golf or a tad better. We had a good time, shared some laughs, and cheered each other on. It's a nice way to play.

I wish I'd played better. I did have a par on the 12th hole we played. But I'd also blown-up on a couple of holes.

In the end I carded a 123 for the 18 holes.

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