Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Note to Self: Remember to Smile

Reading through the news this morning, I noticed a mug shot of some fellow that the authorities are seeking as a person of interest in yet another disturbing crime. I don't mean to make light of that crime, or the need to find this guy, but I couldn't help thinking to myself: remember to smile; someday you may be in the news.

Here's the thing, if ever I have to have my mug shot taken, and let's hope I never do, it would probably help if I tried to look ... nice ... in that shot. Think about some of the mug shots of famous people that are out in public now (Nick Nolte's or Corey Clark's, for example); these photographs aren't helping these guys.

So, anytime you get your mug shot, try not to look like a complete degenerate. If things go south sometime in the future and you are a person of interest, wanted, a suspect or -- heaven forbid -- a victim, that's likely the photo they're going to use. You will want to look you best.


Neil said...

also, remember the "B" in ones title ; )

Mike said...

Thanks Neil! "B!"

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