Monday, May 9, 2005

I Oversaw A Conversation Today

Driving back to the office from lunch with colleagues this afternoon I found myself at a stoplight and next to a car with two people having an animated conversation in sign language.

What struck me was the fact that both of them were smokers with cigarettes burning between the index and middle fingers of hands they were using to sign.

It was like the old days, when we'd smoke and talk at the same time with cigarettes hanging out of the corners of our mouths and bobbing up and down as we spoke.

In this case, the cigarettes were waving about for the larger gestures of sign language and deftly switched from hand to hand for the finger-spelling part.



Butterfly said...

Watching sign language is like watching a fire. You can't help yourself.

It's beautiful to watch isn't it?

Mike said...

It is beautiful. Like hearing another language. You know that there is meaning, and you can discern some of the feeling, but you don't get it all.

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