Saturday, January 28, 2012

We Won!

We Won! by mmahaffie
We Won!, a photo by mmahaffie on Flickr.
Karen and I have been playing Team Trivia on Friday nights this month at the Milton Irish Eyes restaurant. Lori Callahan, seen here on the left, got us started when she invited us to join her and her young fella Kirk Stirling (right) a few weeks back.

Lori and Kirk are the heart of a trivia team called "Who the H**** is Molly Hatchet." The membership varies, but we've enjoyed being a part of the team for a few weeks now. Last night, the team also included Lori's sister, Linda Lane, her husband Tom, their daughters Katelyn and Stephanie, and Kathleen's young man, Jordan Blankenship.

We edged out the nice couple at the next table last night to win on a tie-break question: "How many pounds of potatoes does it take to make a bottle of vodka?"

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