Sunday, June 20, 2010

At a Dance Recital

My view...
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The girls had their annual dance recital with the Sussex Dance Academy last night. I wasn't planning on taking any pictures, but a group of three very tall and very large-headed men sat in front of us. Our view was, therefore, somewhat obstructed.

It was a long show; the Academy continues to grow and now serves many students, girls and boys, of all ages. I looked around at the very large crowd before the show and realized just how much our friend Kate Walker's business has grown.

Class after class of dancers performed, from tiny, twirling tots to sophisticated and well-trained teens. They represented a cross-section of Sussex County, daughters and sons of dentists and doctors, teachers and farmers, cops and engineers.

Colleen danced a solo in the show. By tradition, graduating seniors have a farewell solo in the recital. She did herself proud, dancing her own choreography to Coldplay's "Yellow." Christina also stood out, she has developed into a fine dancer.

It's fascinating to watch these kids progress and develop. Christina now leads a core of talented kids who were gangly tweens just a short while ago. Behind them are younger boys and girls starting to grow into their talents. And in the many groups of very small kids being introduced to dance, you sense a number who get it, who belong on-stage and who will be part of the corps de ballet in years to come.

I'd just prefer not to be behind the big-head family any more.

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