Sunday, May 16, 2010

Prom Night, Parental Edition

2010 Sussex Tech Prom
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If we're looking at all bleary this morning, blame Colleen's Senior Prom. That event went off last night at the Exhibit Hall at the state fairgrounds in Harrington. It ate most of our yesterday and chunks of many other days leading up to it.

Karen, of course, carried most of the load. Try as I might, I have not been able to secure the role of dress, hair, and make-up advisor to my daughters.

Colleen's date was her young man from New Jersey, a very nice guy we've known since he was a boy. They made a lovely couple. I'll hold off on any more detailed pictures, publicly, until Colleen has time to go through all 300 that I took last night and approve any for publication.

This picture is Jake's shoulder, parts of his tux, and his boutonnière.

After a morning of hair appointments, the kids dressed in mid-afternoon and we gathered with a large group of their friends in a pocket park in Bridgeville for plein air portraits.

From there it was a short ride north to Harrington for a "grand march" designed to match the prom theme, which was something to do with Hollywood. A red carpet promenade was laid out in one of the nicer show-barn/pavilions at the fairgrounds and we cheered for and photographed our kids as they entered from a flotilla of limousines.

Based on a handful of wee-hour text messages, I understand that the Prom was good fun. A more full report, I'm sure, will come when all have recovered.

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