Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Next Week: A Zoning Code Public Hearing

I'm getting ready for a public hearing next week on a draft update of the Lewes Zoning Code. I'm part of the city's Planning Commission and we have completely re-written the code. After this public hearing, we need to ship a draft off to the Mayor and City Council.

Part of my job is to promote the public hearing and help explain the draft to the public. So I wrote a newspaper column about it. versions of this have appeared in the Cape Gazette and the Coast Press.

And I created a slide show that I presented to Mayor and Council last week.
So. If you are in Lewes next Tuesday evening, why not stop by City Hall for the hearing?

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Elaine said...

I live at 418 W. Fourth St. and did not attend the Zoning Code Update meeting. Recently two large temporary storage bins have been placed in the road in front of the houses on either side of our house. Tonight I spent a lot of time searching the new Zoning Code update to see if there are any regulations to prevent this. One of these has been in place for over a month. It is being used to store furniture while the very slow process of interior construction goes on next door. We don't think it will be removed any time soon. The other isn't related to construction at all. I would like to see language in the new code that would prevent these ugly storage bins from parking in the street in the Old Town district. Ironically Pilotown, Bay Breeze, and other planned communities have this protection. I would like to discuss this with you. I invite you to drive down W. Fourth Street and take a look. Please call or email me at

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