Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looking at Villanova

Last weekend we were in Massachusetts to look at Boston University. This weekend it was Pennsylvania to look at Villanova. Colleen needs to choose between these two for her next four years.

Friday, she had a chance to sit-in on a class and we attended a fascinating presentation on teaching philosophies by a panel of professors. And we ate dinner with three students; we tried to ask them as many questions as we could think of.

Today was a huge "Candidates' Day" with a few thousand potential students and their families wandering around campus. There were more presentations, and discussions, and tours.

This will be a tough choice for Colleen. Both Villanova and Boston University are great schools. We can't decide for her, but we are very proud to see her making the choice.

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Anonymous said...

Go Wildcats!!! I loved every minute I had at Villanova. If she chooses the Blue and White, she'll never regret it!

- Villanova Alumnae

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