Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I Like John Mayer, Reason #287

Here's a series of tweets from musician John Mayer, who is on tour just now and playing the Beacon Theater in New York city tonight:
First: Anybody outside the Beacon looking for tickets?
A few moments later: Ask the man in the ascot if he has a smoke.

Then, eventually:
We have a winner of the two tickets. Lest anybody ask some other man in an ascot for a smoke.
That's pretty cool.

And, there's the completely killer version of Crossroads that he does on his new album, Battle Studies, that Karen turned me on to this evening.

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rakeback said...

I saw the concert on Fuse last night and it was amazing. I think he is really growing as a musician and is quickly becoming this generations Eric Clapton.

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